Enrich Your Soul: You Were Healed

And the inhabitants will not say, “I am sick.”…
(Isaiah 33:24, KJV)

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you have carefully noticed that in almost all the instances in the Bible, Jesus rarely laid hands on the sick. Usually, He simply spoke words and in most of the times the words were: “Your faith has made you well.” This is a good sign that what heals us is not the laying on of hands and the falling under the power per se but it all has to do with our faith. That is why it is possible to be healed even if you pray for yourself. In actual fact you were healed back then when those stripes were made on Jesus’ body. But because you don’t fully understand nor do you believe this truth, you have remained in the bondage of this sickness. Your faith is what enables you to understand what the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ did for you.

One great leader once said: “Sickness is a visitor and the way you receive a visitor determines how long it will stay at your place.” If your visitor receives a warm and tender welcome, obviously he will find no reason to leave soon and will therefore stay on much longer. But if the welcome is not that warm, it will probably leave without even bidding a goodbye to you. You can choose which way between the two you would love to use to treat your visitor, sickness. And you should know that each time sickness invades your body it does so illegally but it is in your power to enforce the law against its stay or else be gently enough to keep it on board for a little longer. One man of God paraphrased 3John2 and said, “What God provided for essentially is health, healing is just an alternative.” You should know that an alternative is for those who fail to take the real thing. Jesus said it is the children’s bread to be healed. When Jesus’ body was wounded and bruised, the blood that gushed out of those open wounds provided for you divine health.

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