Earlier today I had a chat with Chris X who will be releasing his second single on the 15th of June 2015.

Eljay: If you were to introduce yourself, who would you say Chris X is?

Chris Khumalo: Chris is 21 year old christian rapper who is born again and is a member of United Pentecostal Church, raised in Nhlangano. I am currently doing my third year at uniswa in the faculty of social sciences. I grew up listening to a variety of genres and hiphop was one of them. I considered doing christian rap in 2012 and was further inspired by the 2012 life we chose concert

Eljay: What inspired your first single Brand New Man?

Chris Khumalo: It was basically inspired by my decision to fully commit myself to God and seek His guidance always. I was born again at a very tender age but as time went on there was a time whereby I was almost just a “church-goer”, as far as my behavior was concerned, so this song kinda speaks about me being born again. In the song (Brand New Man) I’m also reaching out to any other person stuck in the same path. There is a line in that song where I say, ”its possible to leave sin and live a holy life even in this generation”.

Eljay: What made you consider and commit to doing Christian Rap, as opposed to other contemporary gospel genres.?

Chris Khumalo: I believe that music is a language and hip hop is a language that is particularly understood by the youth. I just wanna preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in a way they understand.

Eljay: And your latest single “Hold On”, can unpack the concept behind it and what fans should expect from it?

Chris Khumalo: The concept behind this song is not to never give up in life in general and in the christian journey in particular. No matter what challenges and obstacles one may be facing. This is a very inspirational piece that they must get. Its a real banger,the sound quality is good this song was recorded at eardrumzz records.

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A christian, musician and a marketer, Lethukuthula Jeremiah Ndwandwe also known as Eljay is the CEO and founder of EljayTunes. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Swaziland and a musician with passion for gospel music

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