DAY EIGHT: Reverse Your Curses


There is no magic charm, no witchcraft that can be used against the nation of Israel. Now people will say about Israel, ‘Look what God has done!’

(Numbers 23:23, GNB)

Many times you have been cursed and people have desired your downfall. They have spoken negative words about you. Possibly you are even beginning to fear and have already started imagining those things that they have spoken happening to you. But allow me to tell you that you have the power to reverse all those curses no matter how threatening they may be. First you must know that their gods are subject to your God and they are incapable of cursing what the Lord has blessed (1Sam 17:43). God has said He has blessed you with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places. Do not worry. There are two reports here: one from those who seek your downfall which says you are going to die poor and the other one from your Father which says: I have blessed you (mind you, He has already done it) and He continues to say I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you. Whose report shall you believe? “What you are going to become is already inside you” and God put it there when He created you. It is not what people have said about you that determines your fate but what God has said. But you can choose which of the two reports will you believe and it is the same one that will manifest itself in your life. God has said in His Word, no magic spells can bind Jacob, no incantations can hold back Israel His chosen people. So it doesn’t matter the concoctions of charms that those who seek your destruction may prepare, God’s Word has said it will not do you any harm. Whatever you choose to permit will be permitted to happen to you. If you don’t allow those charms to work in you, they won’t do anything to you. Counter whatever negative word being spoken to you with what God has said then by so doing you will reverse it.

Scripture reading

Isaiah 49:1

Psalms 139:16

Ephesians 1:4     Ephesians 2:10

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