DAY ELEVEN: The Lion And The Bear First – Be Patient

I know you might be saying but I am not David…, but allow me to use his example to paint a picture that would be easy for you to see. We now live in a fast world and almost everything has become fast and instant. Fast foods, instant cash, fast this instant that. This has even infested our spiritual lives; it has killed our ability to practice patience and endurance as children of God. We want overnight elevation and result. God didn’t promise fast foods in any portion of scripture and many are times we are commanded to be patient. How will God see that you are faithful with the little if you want to start big? He can’t trust you with the great things until He has seen how you handle the small. He tests you, in order to trust you in order to entrust you. If He hasn’t tested you He cannot trust you and He can’t entrust you yet.

We want to press buttons and things just happen. Instant cash, instant food, fast this and instant that. So we want instant wealth, instant fame and we just don’t have the time for things that need us to wait for them.

David was to be king over Israel, but before that He had to first undergo some training in preparation for what was ahead of him. God allowed him to shepherd the sheep before he would shepherd His people. God tested him with the sheep so that he could perfect and trust his shepherd skills enough for Him to entrust him with the lives of the Israelites. Be patient and cooperative when you are supposed to do things that look minor to you. As you undergo times of training, knowing the greatness within you, you may feel under-utilized but believe me soon or later you are going to need those skills and little experiences when the real thing comes. Hence it has always been said, “Don’t despise days of small beginnings.” There was a need for a sheep before the children of Israel. And there was a need for the lion and the bear before Goliath the giant. Recall also Samson, he first had to deal with a lion, (Judges 14:6), then a group of 30 men (vs 19), then a thousand (15:14) and eventually the innumerable thousands that he killed at his death. Note that the size of the next challenge seems to be increasing as he overcomes the previous.

It’s your patience that will take you through these stages, one step at a time. You don’t just emerge as a warrior but you have to start somewhere. Close inspection of most if not all the Bible characters we respect and look up to today reveals that they didn’t just become the people we esteem so high today but they all began somewhere and from that small beginning the heroes we honor and respect today were birthed. If you want to go somewhere, you are not an exception, and you are not exempted from these steps, you have got to start somewhere.

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