DAY TEN: Failure Is An Event Not A Misfortune

Failure is an event that one prepares for whether consciously or unconsciously. In order for failure to be seen in one’s life, there are some things that the individual has to do and there are some others that he doesn’t have to do. For example; if you want to fail, you have to be lazy and lack some planning, to mention but a few things. It is not like you wake up in the morning and you find or discover that you have failed. But the greatest failure man can ever experience is doing the same thing over and over again but expect different results. Success that is out of this world is what God expects of everyone that is born again and blood-washed. By design, Christians are not supposed to fail but unfortunately they do and they don’t just fail but they do it dismally. I have heard people say, “I really don’t understand how I failed.” But close inspection of the situation will reveal that this person overlooked doing some things that are vital ingredients for success and what he was doing though he did it unaware were ingredients of failure which if you do eventual failure becomes inevitable. There are some efforts that you need to exact in order for you to end up successful. Consider Isaac, during a period of time when everyone else was failing to produce enough food, the Bible says he sowed in that same land and he reaped a hundred fold. You can succeed where everyone else fails only if you are ready to put in some more effort. Remember in this case Isaac dug some wells to water his fields. It would seem the problem was nothing else but the shortage of water but then the other people thought the problem was too big to be overcome and they decided to leave it like that. Generally speaking most of the people that go through failure it is not that they don’t have the ability to make it but they tend to look at whatever that needs to be overcome before the success is won as a n impossible or very difficult situation. Some even fail to try or attempt. These actions are all signposts that the route you are taking is one that leads to failure.

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