DAY TWELVE: Overcome Your Fears

Say to them that are of a fearful heart, be strong, fear not…

(Isaiah 35:4, KJV)

It is high time people face their fears head-on. You have to get back at your fears. They have tormented you enough and you have lived in their bondage for long enough. Because of them you have been moving but in circles. Your fears have greatly limited you and have almost suffocated your God given potential within you. They have made you believe you can’t move beyond a certain point. All this torment must come to an end. In history, no body attained greatness until they learned to face and overcome their worst fears. Naturally, each and every person has his or her own to overcome. It is so disturbing to discover that the fears that usually cage people are only illusions and fears of the unknown. People are afraid of things that they make up in their minds but in actual reality all those things they just don’t exist. Philosophers have said that the word FEAR is an acronym which means False Evidence Appearing Real. It is a false reality. So, really whatever you are afraid of is not at all real but of course to you it appears real. If you have ever walked in the dark while you have a phobia for darkness, you will agree with me that you begin to see everything moving towards your direction and you can even hear some foot steps behind you and you become even more afraid. Even if you have passed by the same place during the day and you saw the same tree, but once it is dark it become ‘a person or whatever monster’ that begins to move towards you. If you are afraid, you will actually see things that are non-existent. As long as you haven’t discovered that your problem is only fear you will live an unfulfilling life under the bondage of fear and this really is not at all funny. “Whatever you are not willing to confront, you are not willing to conquer.”

You must note that there are various kinds of fears ranging from hydrophobia to xenophobia. No kind of fear is worth living with. All fears have to be overcome. Fear is a psychological stronghold that is the devil’s tool that he effectively uses to hinder people from living productive and fulfilling lives. I myself have lived under the bondage of fear for a significant period of time. Bible scholars say there are 365 fear nots in the Bible and they say this should mean that in each and every day that you will ever live in a year God has a word for you that commands you to fear not. If you ever happen to forget all the commandments written in the Bible never dare forget this one because if you do then you are doomed. You will live a life dictated to you by your fears. Fear will be the master over your life and I know you really don’t want that to happen because you know the eventual outcome.

Fear will prevent you from colonizing ‘new territories’ in your life. You will not be able to explore the great potentials that are locked up within you. Gideon wouldn’t have discovered that he had a potential of being one of the greatest generals of the Israelites and to lead and entire nation into victory had he not taken the responsibility of coming out of his hiding place and face what he feared the most. “You never know what God can do through and with you until you come out of the hiding place where fear has put you.”

Fear has kept many of us in bondage. It has dictated to us what we are capable of doing and what we are not capable of doing. It has set boundaries and told us we cannot move beyond certain points and has left us with no possibilities of crossing over those boundaries. Fear has prevented us from doing the things we would have loved to do: fear of failure, fear of disapproval and lots of other fears.

Isaiah 41:10, 13

Isaiah 43:5

Psalms 27:3

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