Clow Dee Launches ‘It’s Not Over Till It’s Over’ Album

Today, 12 December 2015, at 6pm Clow Dee launches his new album titled ‘It’s Not Over Till its Over’ at the Lighthouse International Chapel in mbabane next to FEDX building. Tickets are E50.

Clow Dee is a gospel rapper originally from The Democratic Republic of Congo currently residing in Swaziland, and the original author of the Christ Swagg label. He studied music in the university of Uvira in congo and plays keyboard and guitar. Clow Dee has been doing music for 7 years. In his career he got to meet other gospel greats including the likes of Sinach, with whom he shared the stage in joburg in 2013.

Clow Dee’s music is inspired by God and the situations around him. When asked what he plans to accomplish with his music he said "to win souls, preach the word of God and each out to people all around the world".

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