Live Bold Event Cancellation

On Friday 30 October an unfortunate incident happened leading to the cancellation. As EljayTunes we are obliged to report on this, since we were directly involved and partnership with Creativity Parlour in marketing the event.

The turn out on Friday was reasonable but the was that there was no show when people got there; to explain the Live Bold Worship organizing team released the following statenent:

"This is a statement to account for the unfortunate incident that led to the cancellation of the Live Bold Worship Experience last night.

The Live Bold Worship experience organizing team would like to express their apologies on the series of events that led to the event not happening as planned yesterday. The main challenge was the unavailability of the sound system which was hired for the event and last minute efforts to secure another sound system we futile and this lead to the event not happening as planned.

Patrons who had purchased their tickets, should hold on to their Live Bold Worship tickets as we finalize details on their future use…more details to follow.

We would like to express our apologies to our patrons, sponsors and service providers for the inconveniences caused by the series of events from yesterday. It was beyond the sphere of our influence at the time. We have learned from this and forward to your love and support in future projects.

God is still on the throne

Live Bold Worship experience organizing team

Some of the artists who were in the line up empathetic towards the organizers.
" Its quite unfortunate for such to happen, for local artists its their image and their preparation time and schedules, but more so for the supporters and ofcourse the artist/s from S.A. This is a time where #LiveBold needs strength, honor and loyalty. I am.of.the opinion that they have learnt where they slipped up so this is time around. Live Bold is temporal, it means u remain bold even in.the face of such unfortunate happenings." Said Skeel of Euthology.

Fakazi Samuel thought it sounded fair and went on to say "Things do get out of hand in life and cause us to face a lot of unforeseen circumstances, but what matters the most is that when we get out of those problems we should get out with greater life lessons that will help us live life better tomorrow and LIVE BOLD! Bless you all #Live-Bold"

This, however, was the same sentiment shared by the patrons who bought the ticket to the show, as one of them said:
"I just need my money, not a ticket to use again. Attending an event costs more than the ticket, it is meals and transport and opportunity cost, another chance to use it would cost me all those things again and I do not have the confidence in the organisers to try again. This statement was due at 5 yesterday latest, when it was evudent this was not happening. Not for artists, mc and patrons to sit there wondering why no set up, no lights and not getting responses from organisers. What happened to you is unfortunate, but your responsibility to us was not suspended until now, it was key to address stakeholders before, not after."

We (EljayTunes) would like to express our sincere apologies to everyone who was directly affected by the event not happening. We had hoped it would be a success and impact the youth for Jesus.

Live Bold Event Cancellation

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