Wesley Shares Inspiration Behind New Single ‘Believer’

Wesley Myeni, founder of the ‘Christ Attributes’ clothing and rapper, recently dropped a new single ‘Believer’. Wesley made his appearance on the CHH radar with the clothing line soundtrack ‘Christ Attributes’ which was remixed and featured Skeel. His heart for the gospel has been the driving force in the establishment of the ‘Christ Attributes’ clothing label, which he started almost immediately after he got saved. EljayTunes approached Wesley to gather his inspiration and concept behind the new single titled ‘Believer’ featuring Mvilas, recorded at Eardrumz Studios in Mbabane . This was his response:

"Each and every single day of our lives we wake up and strive to find HAPPINESS.

We search for it in all the corners of the world. Some of us do the things that we see on TV screen, we do the things we see on trending music vedios. We do all sort of things with the intentions of trying to satisfy our souls with happiness.

I’ve seen it a point to make a record that will direct people to that only source of happiness. This record talks about how and where to find that kind of happiness that brings satisfaction to the soul.

And the inspiration as always is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ "

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