Durban Christian Center (#JesusDome) Burns Down

Durban – The Durban Christian Centre (DCC) Jesus Dome on the N3 in Durban has burnt down.

The fire at the  DCC, popularly known as the Jesus Dome, started shortly before 6pm Tuesday night with eyewitnesses describing huge flames and smoke billowing into the sky.

Durban Christian Center (#JesusDome) Burns Down

The Durban Christian Centre in Mayville was ablaze on Tuesday night. Picture: Marilyn Bernard. Credit: Independent Media

Photographer and former TV producer at the DCC, Andreas Mattios says the fire is a hard pill to swallow. Speaking to East Coast Newswatch from the scene, he’s likened the inferno to the collapse of the twin towers.

“The closest comparison I can make to what I am looking at right in front of me right now – is it looks lie the twin towers have come down all over again. I am looking at a decimated Jesus Dome where the wrangled damage to the infrastructure has brought the aluminium roof crashing to the ground.

“It’s basically destroyed the whole infrastructure inside the dome, right up to the back where my old offices  used to be – the TV ministry that we started in 2004. It’s just heart-wrenching to see how this place has just come down,” Mathios said.

Jesus Dome Fire - Durban Christian Center (#JesusDome) Burns Down

Jesus Dome Fire Credit: News24

Durban Christian Center in flames - Durban Christian Center (#JesusDome) Burns Down

Durban Christian Center in Flames. Credit: News24

Bazalwane and members of DCC showed empathy on twitter:

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