Listen: Skeel – Nyomu

Sakhile Skeel Simelane from well know Swazi CHH click P1.7 recently released a single titled #NYOMU!!!!  which is an expression used in Siswati when something is uprooted from or taken out of  a certain place or position. The theme of this track is the change that comes with giving your life to Christ being a new creature. The track features lines like

its not a secret therefore you should know Im not that guy you use to know things are different now they call me a weirdo…

He further goes on to highlight some of the things he used to do while he was still in sin, listen to #NYOMU!!!! below

You can also download the track for free below:




A christian, musician and a marketer, Lethukuthula Jeremiah Ndwandwe also known as Eljay is the CEO and founder of EljayTunes. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Swaziland and a musician with passion for gospel music

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