New Album: Hezekiah Walker – “Azusa the Next Generation 2 – Better″

Hezekiah Walker has released yet another album titled Azusa the Next generation 2 – Better.  This is Hezekiah Walker’s 14th album dedicated to the multiracial group that kicked off the modern Pentecostal movement at a rundown horse stable on Azusa Street in the center of a Los Angeles ghetto in 1906, and features contributions from a wide range of gospel artists, including Haddon, Donnie McClurkin, Brian Courtney Wilson, and John P. Kee., Rovi

Hezekiah Walker is a Gospel singer, composer, and choir leader , known as “the hip-hop pastor,” has brought a lot of young people to gospel and choir music, and has shown that he has no problem using modern vernacular and recording techniques to expand his fan and worship base.

New Album: Hezekiah Walker – “Azusa The Next Generation 2 – Better″

Check out the tracklist below:

  1. Better
  2. God Is for Me (feat. Patrick Dopson)
  3. Great Is Our God (feat. Tanya Ray)
  4. Work Things Out (feat. Ashley Brown)
  5. Grateful (feat. Antonique Smith)
  6. Holding On (feat. Carl Thomas)
  7. Living to Live Again
  8. Never Forget
  9. Keeper (feat. Eric McDaniel)
  10. No Time to Waste

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