Joyous Celebrations withdraws from Metro FM Awards after nomination

South African Gospel giant Joyous Celebration recently the announced that they will be withdrawing for the 16th Metro FM Awards to take place on Saturday 25 February 2017. Joyous issued a press statement which was also posted on their Facebook page My Joyous Celebration.

Along with the statement, they explained:

“As many may know we are all about the growth and development of up-and-coming artists which is our main reason for not entering music awards other than the DVD sales category at the SAMAs

Recently our label, @sonymusicafrica, made an error and entered us into the Metros this year which we graciously withdrew from as we would like to shine the spotlight on the hardworking up and coming musicians in the industry.

We would like to thank @metrofmsa for honoring us with this nomination and would like to wish all the artist nominated, good luck

In the image is part of the statement our label made to correct this error.

Joyous Family”

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Below is the is the image of press statement that was issued

Joyous Celebrations Withdraws From Metro FM Awards After Nomination


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