New Release: Dumi Mkoksdad’s new album “Egameni LikaJesu”

South African gospel musician, Dumi Mkokstad has recently announced his latest Album titled “Egameni Likiajesu“. Having released Mbize Ujehova in 2014 and Ukhona uThixo in 2015 this will be his third album, which comes after a lot of activity and features in several projects in 2016 like Spirit of Praise Vol 6.

New Release: Dumi Mkoksdad's New Album "Egameni LikaJesu"


  1.  Usibiyele
  2. Egameni likaJesu
  3. Ulwandle
  4. Ooh Jesus
  5. Hallelujah Simakade
  6. Siyabonga
  7. Sithi Bayede
  8. Icebo
  9. Induli (feat. Betusile)
  10. Thando
  11. Nguwe (feat. Jaziel Brothers)
  12. Ewe Jehovah
  13. Ngamthola
  14. Lavuka ibandla
  15. Mayenzeke
  16. Thixo ndiyabulela

The album is now available for pre-order on iTunes with the first track Usibiyele available for download already. The official Release date is 26 May 2017.

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