EljayTunes is the hub of christian content, anchored by the Gospel of Christ that schowcases and markets concerts, events, music, news, books, singers, drummers, pianists, church, devotion, Columns and Editorial, Poetry and lyrics on the EljayTunes Gospel Lyrics Site.

EljayTunes is a Media outlet on the web that showcases and markets christian music and christian content, with the aim to win souls for christian and impact the youth

We want to expose as many people to life (Jesus) Help us do this by sharing the content you find here with your friends on social networks

Our main focus is on Contemporary Christian music (or CCM—and sporadically “moving music”) which is a classification of cutting edge well known music which is expressively centered around matters worried with the Christian confidence. It framed as those influenced by the 1960s Jesus development recovery started to convey what needs be in a more contemporary style of music than the psalms, Gospel and Southern Gospel music that was predominant in the congregation at the time. Today, the term is regularly used to allude to pop, shake, or acclaim and love style

We are also passionate about empowering the youth to the glory of God.

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